Why We Love Sally Struthers

Two time Emmy winner Sally Struthers is unlike any celebrity of our time.  She has maintained a career of unbelievable range and integrity.  Whether she stars in a TV sit-com (All in the Family, Gloria), performs on stage in a strenuous Broadway tour (Grease, Annie), or shares with us her voice-over talent (Dinosaurs, Tale Spin), she is always captivating.  Not only is she a fabulous actress, but she also devotes much of her time to charity.  Her efforts with "Save the Children" are to be admired.  We dedicate this page to her undying devotion to her many fans.

On December 4, 1998, after a production of Annie in Minneapolis, we got the chance to meet Sally.  She was one of the sweetest ladies we have ever met.  After waiting in the rain for 30 minutes, we greeted her at the stage door where she proceeded to give us an autograph and a warm hug.  She thanked us for our enthusiasm and told us to get out of the rain where we could be warm.  After that wonderful experience, we were in shock that we just met an entertainment legend.  She was so kind and her smile will forever be in our hearts.

We wish Sally the best in her future and cannot wait for her next project -- it will surely be thrilling!